Catkins in Palanga 2016

Beatrice Varnaite (b. 1989) is a Lithuanian artist. She lives and works in Vilnius. Beatrice creates graphic works, drawings, paintings, light spaces and interdisciplinary works. Mainly she focuses on creating large scale fluorescent paintings and light spaces. Beatrice also participates at alternative, psychedelic trance, subcultural events. She presented her works in various Lithuanian cities and abroad, England, Finland, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic.


2017–2019 Master program of Sculpture studies at the Vilnius Academy of Arts
2008–2012 Bachelor program of Graphic Art studies at the Vilnius Academy of Arts
2001–2005 Vilnius Justinas Vienozinskis Art School
1996–2008 Vilnius “Minties” gymnasium

Solo exhibitions

2019 DIRECTIONS, RHYTHMS, PRESSURES, VAA gallery “Akademija“
2018 SEED, VAA experimental art space “5 Malunai“

Other projects

2016 Created mural in the educational space at the art fair “Art Vilnius”
2016 Interview — http://www.artifex.ru
2014 Created illustrations for the educational coloring book “Viduramziu Kernave”

Large scale uv active paintings for shows, event hire and for sale.
For any inquiries, please contact – varnaiteb@gmail.com